I’ve always  loved cheesecake and never have I thought about making one myself, a vegan one – until now!

A cheesecake made from tofu and soy yoghurt – my sister came up to me and said: “You’re seriously making a cake with tofu? Ughh..”

But guess what? When it was finally done, she was the one I had convinced most, eating most of the cake herself!

I’ll definitely be making this one again!


Presenting two great pasta meals I’ve had lately:

Whole grain spaghetti with a creamy sweet potato sauce and spinach.

Whole grain Pipe Rigate with a veggie sauce made from tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini and spinach.

With my mother being a Singaporean Chinese, we’d always eat lots of rice, even though I’ve had lots of German potato dishes aswell.

But if I were to choose between rice, potatoes and pasta, guess what it would be?

It had been quite some time since I’d had lasagna, you know, the really meaty and cheesy one from those local Italian pizza/pasta restaurants.  Since I had become a vegan, I had never really felt the craving for meat – until my sister and self-proclaimed meat lover ordered one big bolognese lasagna.

But don’t get me wrong, I hadn’t thought about taking a bite for one moment, but rather making my own the next day!



With soy bolognese sauce, sweet cherry tomatoes, creamy bechamél sauce and fresh herbs, this lasagna sure was an experience.

And being able to impress my “culinary”-critic and proud-to-be-an-omnivore sister and one of her friends means a lot to me.  We all enjoyed it and I’d been really happy about it.

It hasn’t been long ago since I had gone vegan.  Not long after that, I had found quite an interest in the raw food kitchen.

I tried making a raw lasagna and this is what turned out.


Made from zucchini stripes and spinache as the “noodle” layers, the cashew-spinache cream as the sauce and some cherry tomatoes as a fresh component, this dish was a refreshing and satisfying lunch.

You’ll need:

1/2 zucchini

one hand full of spinache (take some extra leaves for stacking up)

one hand full of cherry tomatoes

a hand full of raw cashew nuts

1 minced garlic clove

and salt and lemon juice to taste


First of all, cut a zucchini into half. Then cut it again lengthwise. Then take a potato peeler and slice off zucchini layers.

Slice the cherry tomatoes

Put the cashew nuts, the spinache and the minced garlic into a food processor. And a bit of water and process until the texture is creamy yet chunky. Add salt and lemon juice to taste and process until mixed.

For stacking up the layers, start with a layer of zucchini stripes. Add some of the sauce, a few slices of the cherry tomatoes and a big spinache leaf and some more sauce. Repeat this a few times. Decorate the lasagna with some more cherry tomato slices, some chopped spinache and chopped zucchini.


Now I’ve finally started a blog, though it might take some time to make it look nice.

Anyway, I’m Nathalie, 17 years old, 12th (from 13) grade student of some sort of grammar school in a town, somewhere near Cologne, Germany.

My interests include various things, such as photography, psychology, philosophy, all sorts of literature (especially from the 19th to 20th century) and finally: vegan cooking and baking!

And that is exactly what I’m going to be writing about in my blog. Hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

– Nathalie

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