Hey there, I’m Nathalie. I live in Germany in a town near Cologne right now. In mid October I’ll be moving near Frankfurt to attend university.

Veganism has been a part of my life since late 2009, having been vegetarian since mid 2009. The choice was made for ethical reasons, mainly for showing compassion towards animals. But I have since learned that my choice has a whole variety of benefits, ethically (for animals and humans alike), environmentally and for my own health.

I keep track of various vegan blogs, my favorites being , and , the latter eventually having helped a lot to make the step from vegetarian to vegan.

I love love love taking pictures. Although I’m an amature, I try to improve on my technique. My pictures are taken with a Sony DSC-H50 and a Nikon D5000 with various lenses. I post many of them (including food photography) .

Thanks for coming by!