It’s sure been some time since I last posted something on here. Reasons vary: exams and general school stressout, being too lazy to post or simply forgetting that I have a blog. :c

So here’s the thing – I’m kind of back! I’ll start making up some recipes soon, but I’ll post a few pictures of what I’ve eaten the last few months. Just a tease. c;

A little twist on my raw lasagna recipe. “Noodle” layers are Zucchini. Between the layers: an olive & sundried tomato marinara, cashew & basil “ricotta” and some mâche salad. Drizzled with some olive oil – done. My favorite raw food dish, probably even one of my favorite dishes in general. So no jokes on raw foodies, I’ve seen a hell of a lot of inspiring raw vegan blogs on health, weight loss and recently a blog on daily raw food plans under 10$! (which is great because it seemed a little intimidating, buying many expensive superfoods, gadgets, etc. just to be raw) At the moment, I’m trying to eat at least one raw vegan meal a day. Just to feel healthier as I’ve had my large part of junk food, candy and heavy meals around Christmas.

Next up: A nice vegan pizza, though a lot different from the traditional version. Marinara sauce, TVP and some baby spinach. As you might notice, neither regular cheese (duh) or a vegan substitute. When walking around town, I like to go into the health food stores and nearly always find something great: vegan whipped cream, once vegan cream cheese, all kinds of fake meat, lots of milk substitutes, even vegan ricemilk chocolate (heavenly by the way). But unfortunately, I haven’t found a vegan cheese subs in Germany until now. Until the day comes when I finally find something, I’ll have to rely on homemade versions.

Back to the raw: An amazingly creamy raw vegan mind ice cream adapted from Jennifer Cornbleet’s book Raw for Dessert. I absolutely adore this ice cream for its naturally minty flavor (not the artificial minty-stinging type you often taste in ice creams) and the creamy texture, making it able to compete with good dairy-based ice creams. Something tells me I’ll be making this one again soon.

I love these double choc muffins by Celine Steen of Have Cake Will Travel, even though I’m not the chocolate type. Plus they’re low in fat! Get the recipehere.

And the last, but definitely not least, part of this blog post: Vegan omelette! Yes, it is indeed possible. Aside from my omelette folding technique, which always left much to desire, even during my pre-vegan times, this actually looks a lot like egg and the flavor kind of resembles it. The texture is different, but I’ll be working on that.

That’s all for this time. As the new semester has started for most students now, all the best! Good “night” and good luck. c: